Drones can get you in a lot of trouble if you fly them in the wrong place, which is why a map showing all the areas where it’s illegal to fly drones is such a great idea. The map, built on the open source software of the D.C.-based startup Mapbox, displays all the areas where private drone flying is illegal due to airports, military bases or national parks.

Drones create some spectacular videos of celebrities and fireworks but while commercial drone use is illegal in the U.S., non-profit and personal use is still in some legal limbo as the FAA tests drones to work out how best to regulate the technology. Activists are testing the boundaries all the time, and both Google and Facebook have gotten into the drone business too.

The map is in some ways almost the reverse of the Travel by Drone map we highlighted a while back. Instead of seeing the world by drone, you can instead see where flying a drone can get you in trouble. It does highlight that the Alexandria drone video we mentioned then probably was illegally made. Check out the Don’t Fly Drones Here map below or check out the Mapbox map here.