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Md.-based cloud data services co. Broadsoft acquires Japanese competitor

  • Gaithersburg, Md.-based BroadSoft (BSFT) announced on Friday that it is expanding its managed hosted services to Japan via the acquisition of PBXL, a Japanese provider of cloud-based communication software and data storage. The acquisition will enable BroadSoft to meet growing business demand in Japan for “hosted unified communications services.” In a statement provided by Broadsoft, CEO Michael Tessler said “through the acquisition … we believe we are now positioned to expand our cloud footprint to a growth market eager to adopt cloud business services.”

Opower’s new marketplace for energy

  • Opower came out with its quarterly report on Wednesday and, along with beating analyst expectations again, the utility management consulting and software developer launched its new Marketplace Suite. The platform is aimed at improving energy efficiency by providing over 600,000 goods and services to utility companies to share with their customers, lowering energy costs overall.

Seqouia’s IT growth

  • Sequoia Inc in Reston, Va. is part startup and part accelerator, with generous employee benefits and in-house accelerator. Now, Sequoia plans to double in headcount within 12 months. Chris Bing explains how.

Fidelity loves Elon Musk and SpaceX

  • Fidelity may be dropping its valuation of its Snapchat investment, but SpaceX actually got a boost from the investment firm, sending Elon Musk’s company up like, well, a rocket. But why does Fidelity like SpaceX more than its other tech stocks? I took a look to try and figure it out.

The government wants to be your secret Facebook friend

  • How much is Facebook telling the government about your private information? Well, it’s hard to say but governments around the world are certainly keen to find out more about what goes on the social media site. Chris Bing takes a look at the less-than-savory requests.