I was perusing the Washington, D.C. subreddit earlier this morning when I came across one of the most poignant ‘D.C. stories’ I’ve ever read online. What made this particular anecdote stand out was that it was all told via Twitter, meaning the story teller had to literally tweet out 140 characters at a time to tell the full story. Granted this can be seen as annoying to some, but interestingly enough, it only gave the story more depth and dimensions, not unlike when a friend is telling you a compelling anecdote one phrase at a time.

The story itself is about a local D.C. junkie who resided in the Shaw neighborhood of the District, when it was better known as the ‘Heroin Triangle’. In the spirit of not ruining the story for you folks, I’d rather let you read it on your own below.

With that said, I have to give both recognition and praise to the orator of this ‘Twitter story’, Buzzfeed’s very own John Stanton (also known as @DCBigJohn), as well as the person who created this Storify, the Washington Post’s Clinton Yates.

Enjoy the story, it’s pretty incredible to read.



[image via jimhubbardphoto.com]


This is a picture of Raymond by the way, just in case you read the story all the way through. (image via @DCBigJohn, circa 2009)