Yoga is all the rage here in the District. You can’t walk through Dupont Circle after 5 p.m. without catching a glimpse of the signature Lululemon branding or smelling the all too familiar aroma of rubber and latex as it infiltrates your bubble of clean air. Which is why it makes sense that entrepreneurs would take advantage of such a trendy fitness activity. The meditation, the breathing practices, they’re all replicated in George Mason University public policy student Beatriz Cuartas’ new app: WellBee 1.0.

Still in it’s early stages, WellBee 1.0 is a project that was launched by Cuartas in conjunction with George Mason’s Center for the Advancement of Well-Being, the Department of Computer Game Design and the Serious Game Institute. It’s an innovative take on a mobile application that will provide for an easy way to train users in mindfulness practices. That includes sitting, walking, deep relaxation and even eating. They’re every day practices that you may think you’ve mastered, when in fact, well, you haven’t.

“We live in such a fast-paced society that the need for stress reduction and pathways to well-being are even more important,” Cuartas explained. “With the creation of this app, my intention is to spread the availability of well-being practices and instruction to everyone — both individuals and organizations — through a fun and easy-to-use game.”

WellBee 1.0 offers bio-feedback and social connections as well, making the app all the more entertaining and useful.

But the real point of the mobile application is to help George Mason reach its well-being goal, which is included in the school’s 10-year strategic plan approved last week. It calls for George Mason to “become a model well-being university that allows all of its members to thrive,” hence the institution’s dedication to WellBee 1.0.

George Mason’s CWB and BIC Angel Investment have offered a mini-grant to Cuartas in order to get WellBee 1.0 off the ground, support which has been replicated by SGI with students and staff working tirelessly on assisting with the project’s development. It’s a tremendous task for them to take on, but one that will pay off if all goes according to plan.

Who knows, maybe George Mason will be deemed the least stressed out campus in years to come thanks to the invention of WellBee 1.0.

Image via WellBee Mobile App