The Board of Trustees of Goucher College officially announced Wednesday that jazz musician, author and award-winning educator José Antonio Bowen will be the college’s 11th president, effective July 1, 2014.

Bowen, who’s best known for writing “Teaching Naked,” a novel all about transferring tech out of the classroom scene to improve the learning process, will take over for the retiring Sanford J. Ungar.

Having served as dean, professor of music and the Algur H. Meadows chair at Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts, Bowen has quite the impressive background in academia to boast of, which lends for good leadership skills sure to show through during his time at Goucher. He has a passion for entrepreneurship, global citizenship, community engagement diversity and instruction, which are all core values that Goucher holds.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the Presidential Search Committee, and, indeed, all members of the Goucher community, we believe Dr. Bowen is the right candidate who has come along at the exact right time to build on Sandy’s legacy and lead our college into its next phase of excellence,” said Norma Lynn Fox, chair of the Board of Trustees, in a statement.

Perhaps Fox is so willing to entrust the college to Bowen because of his vast experience n the education realm. Bowen began his teaching career at Stanford University in 1982 as the director of jazz ensembles, according to the college. Then, in 1994, he became the founding director of the Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music at the University of Southampton, England. Returning to the U.S. in 1999, Bowen came to D.C. as the first holder of the Caestecker Chair of Music at Georgetown University. It was there that he both created and directed the Department of Performing Arts. Bowen went on to become the dean of fine arts at Miami University prior to seeking residence at Southern Methodist University in Dallas.

It’s his degrees that never fail to impress, too. Bowen holds four degrees from Stanford University: a Bachelor of Science in chemistry, a Master of Arts in music composition, a Master of Arts in humanities, and a joint doctorate in musicology and humanities.

Bowen’s time on a top tier university campus did not hold him back from taking on the incredibly powerful position at Goucher College, though. He’s looking forward to serving the liberal arts school with great potential.

“Goucher College is a paragon of the liberal arts and sciences tradition, but it also is a place that has boldly embraced big, new ideas in education, such as its comprehensive study abroad requirement. Goucher truly is in a strong position, thanks to Sandy Ungar’s vision and leadership.” Bowen said. “I have been an outspoken advocate for innovation in higher education, and I am excited about using the framework of interdisciplinary education not only to transform individual students’ lives, but to help change the way people think about value and uses of the liberal arts.”


Image via Goucher College