Sure highways are wonderful, but have you ever wondered what the government is spending the rest of your tax dollars on? A new study put out by the National Republican Congressional Committee, who probably wasted a good chunk of cash on the study itself, came out with the ‘The Waste List’.  Given the source of this study, I think it is possible that some of these are taken slightly out of context.  Still, you paid for it.

Breitbart compiled this list of highlights:

Dancing iPhone robots–$547,430: “Part of a $547,430 grant from the National Science Foundation went to the development of a dancing robot that connects to an iPhone.” Which I gotta be honest, sounds pretty awesome. Money well spent.

Talking urinal cakes–$10,000: “Federal funds were used to purchase 400 anti-drunk driving talking urinal cakes.” Can you imagine walking into the bathroom, vision blurred, stumbling up to the urinal and as you start letting go the thing starts cautioning you about driving home? I know where I’d aim. Also, $25 a pop sounds a bit steep for something designed to be urinated on.

YouTube video contest–$106,000: “$106,000 was spent on a YouTube video contest to promote eating fruits and vegetables.” I’m not so sure this one is really a waste. Fat kids watch YouTube and fat kids need to eat their veggies. Win.

Cupcakes–$2,000,000: “10 cupcake stores received $2 million in taxpayer-funded loans.” Shit, wait, you mean they paid $106k to get fat kids to eat veggies and then $2 million to give them access to cupcake shops?

“Healthy food” initiative – $32,000,000: “$32 million was spent to increase access to healthy foods in low-income communities with no measurable result.” The thing is, all those subsidized cupcake shops are in affluent neighborhoods. Perhaps our Socialist president is trying get the Proles in shape to fight the wealthy?

Robot squirrels–$325,000: “Researchers received part of a grant to construct robotic squirrels to test if they are attacked by rattlesnakes the same way real squirrels are.” As long as they make a YouTube video of the research, I’m totally ok with this.