When we last spoke with GovTribe in August, we were excited to see a new D.C. start-up that seemed  to epitomize the concept of Government 2.0. Now, less than nine months later founders Nate Nash, Jay Hariani and Marc Vogtman have a lot to celebrate, with a bigger team, new digs, and a completely relaunched application.

Put simply, GovTribe brings a wealth of open source data straight to your smart phone with just the tap of a button. Operating through a newsfeed style interface, users can follow companies, agencies, projects, and people within the world of contracting, and then get up to the minute notifications whenever new business developments occur within these organizations or industries. In this way, the app allows contractors and organizations to evaluate competition as well as conduct pre-market assessments for upcoming projects, all via their iPhones.

GovTribe’s relaunch on April 7th slimmed down the functionality on their iPhone app, while bringing an expanded version of the product to iPad. “In the world of government procurement, things change every minute,” Nash explained in a phone interview. “Our new interface highlights these up to the minute developments.” Specifically the app now has contracting data spanning the past five years, as well as contact information for nearly 40,000 government offices and businesses.

The new iPad application builds on the basic foundation of GovTribe’s successful smartphone app, while offering even more in-depth data analytics of market data for companies and vendors. GovTribe has also tailored their product for the larger iPad screen, with complex visualizations of this data tacked on to the tracking and live notifications for contracting procurements.

In addition to their app offerings, GovTribe has also started a custom offering service for groups seeking even more comprehensive data and analysis on specific industries or companies. These custom reports take one to three weeks and are compiled by GovTribe’s brilliant team of data experts, providing a data driven report on a single aspect of government procurement.

“Our goal is to provide an affordable and easy way to understand what is going on in government contracting,” said Nash. “There is a ton of data out there, but accessing the part you care about is expensive and antiquated. We give our customers the information they need, as soon as it happens.”

GovTribe seems to have certainly found the perfect niche to harness the power of big data to serve industry professionals working with government contracts. And this is just the start, Nash explained. Already GovTribe is looking to build both a web and Android app. They are also working on creating their own API, which would allow companies to access GovTribe’s treasure trove of raw data themselves, and integrate it into their own personal systems.

So the next time you’re in Rosslyn, be sure to stop by Uber offices and say hello to the GovTribe team, which appears to already be taking the world of government contracting by storm.