Last night’s fireworks were massive, grandiose, and pretty breathtaking to watch. D.C.’s 4th of July fireworks show has always been wildly recognized as one of the best in the country, and the display itself attracts thousands of people (both tourists and locals) onto the National Mall to watch them. With that said, most people have probably figured out that this incredible light show that they see every year in D.C. isn’t donated out of the goodness of the hearts of fireworks companies. In fact, most people have probably deduced that the show is actually being funded by American taxpayers since it is the National Parks Service that put on the  fireworks display every year. The real question is, how much does this show cost?



Well lucky for you, you don’t have to wonder because the site FedBizzOps lists contracts used by the government and the 4th of July pyrotechnics happens to have been sourced to an outside company. According to the site, the 4th of July fireworks show was done by Garden State Fireworks Inc and cost the National Parks Service $221,819.77.

Despite that amount of money sounding like a lot of dough, $200k for the fireworks show last night is actually not too shabby of a price. According to Captain Boom (a fireworks company based out of Michigan), the average fireworks show they provide for the 4th of July ranges anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000. If you think about the scale of the fireworks show in D.C., the fact that it’s in the heart of the nation’s capital, and that the show lasts much longer than most 4th of July celebrations across the country, $200,000 sounds just about right.

So next time you watch the D.C. fireworks show for the fourth of July, appreciate the fact that you’re witnessing somewhere around $200,000 worth of fireworks light up the sky.