In case you were unaware, this year’s Shark Week starts tomorrow!  Yup, that oh so special week when the Discovery Channel dedicates all of its programming to sharks.  The week is held annually at the end of July or the beginning of August– just in time for most people’s beach vacations.  At any rate, if you’re like me and don’t have a television, but still want to be scared out of the water, here are 5 movies you can stream on Netflix that should do the trick:

Discovery’s Shark Week: Why pay the cable company to watch this year’s Shark Week when you can just re-watch every Shark Week episode aired from 2008-2011 without any commercials?  If you really want some retro-shark action, Netflix also has Shark Week 1987 available for streaming.  There you go, 5 weeks of on-demand Shark terror.

Shark Week: Unrelated to the Discovery Channel’s ‘Shark Week’, this film is about a group of strangers who find themselves on an isolated island compound owned by a wealthy nut-job.  As you might expect, the group is forced through a horrifying adventure involving various types of deadly sharks in various dangerous situations.

The Reef: A boat full of beautiful people capsizes off the coast of Australia, near the Great Barrier Reef.  As their ship begins to sink they have to swim to shore through shark infested waters or drowned.  Unsurprisingly, the sharks are super hungry and itching to eat them.

2-Headed Shark Attack:  The title really says it all on this one.  A giant, menacing, two headed beast of a fish attacks and sinks a boat full of scantily clad college kids.  The survivors make it to a small deserted island, and just when they think they’re safe, a giant wave takes them back out to sea to fight the two-headed beast.  Whoever wrote the plot for this film should be shot– but on an up note, Carmen Electra is the star.  Best Netflix review: “This movie is so bad it’s funny… By the third margarita, you don’t care because you’re cheering for the shark.”

Snake Island:  Sick of sharks?  Pissed Jaws isn’t available streaming?  This film pits a couple of stupid American tourists in Africa against a bunch of snakes.  Basically the tourists get trapped on ‘Snake Island’ and have to do their best not to become snake food.  I think the Netflix review that best explains this movie was: “Utterly ridiculous.  I was absolutely annoyed – especially by the scene where they have snakes ‘dancing’ to the rhythm of music being played at a party.”  Classy.