With the outdoor temperatures slowly rising, the days getting longer, and D.C. spring weather finally rolling in, restaurants and bars everywhere in the District are slowly but surely re-opening their rooftops for business. Speaking as a bit of a transplant into the city myself, I’ll admit that I’m not terribly familiar with the slew of rooftop bars that are available in and around the area. Honestly, if I had a nickel for every time somebody obnoxiously exclaims, “WHAT?! How did you not know about that rooftop bar, aren’t you a city news writer?!”, I would probably have like…a buck fifty. Which is not a lot, but believe me when I say it’s pretty damn annoying being chastised for not knowing every single rooftop bar in the city.



Well that all changes now, considering RocktheRoofDC has conspired with other D.C. Redditors to create the ultimate comprehensive map of every rooftop bar in the city.

Not even joking.

I’m sure there are people out there thinking, “Why would someone spend their time mapping out every rooftop bar in the region?” to which I retort, “Why the hell not?”

The map does a pretty good job of mapping everything via location using the Google Maps API, and as if that wasn’t enough for you, here is a full documented list of every rooftop bar in the city courtesy of RocktheRoofDC.

View DC Rooftops in a larger map
Take advantage of the decent weather folks, and enjoy the many beautiful rooftop bars of the city.