Arlington-based edtech startup Starfish Retention Solutions was acquired by Hobsons Monday for an undisclosed amount.

Starfish, a D.C. venture backed startup, will join one of the fastest growing edtech companies in the U.S. as the leading provider of student advising systems for higher education institutions.

Hobsons is best known for its Naviance offering, which provides seven million middle and high school students with the tools they need to prepare for college. A welcome addition to Hobsons’ suite of advising services, Starfish’s one-of-a-kind student support portfolio the Starfish® Enterprise Success Platform™ will allow students to seamlessly transition from grade school to graduate school.

“With the addition of Starfish’s expertise and software platform in college advising, Hobsons is increasing its investments in advising and admissions, aiming to provide a comprehensive, seamless transition for students to discover their strengths and interests, explore careers, and create education plans, then persevere until they succeed in getting their degrees and launching their careers,” said Hobsons Chief Executive Officer Craig Heldman in a statement. With Starfish on board, Hobsons will be able to increase its reach in connecting students with the people and services they need to succeed.

Starfish, which was a DC Inno 50 on Fire winner in 2014, made a splash on the edtech scene last year. The company experienced 129 percent growth in students served, 50 percent revenue growth and 50 percent headcount growth. The startup’s patented Starfish® Enterprise Success Platform™ now helps nearly 250 colleges and universities scale their student success programs to provide more students with the resources they need to make informed academic and life choices.

More than 4.5 million students utilize Starfish’s platform each term, which identifies at-risk students in real time, determines problems students are experiencing and then connects them with the services necessary for them to improve and persevere. Now, Starfish will have access to more than 10,000 schools, college and universities around the globe thanks to Hobsons’ worldwide recognition.

Starfish said it is excited to join the large scale edtech team at Hobsons, where the startup’s founder and CEO David Yaskin will assume a leadership role.

“Hobsons is the industry leader in admissions, enrollment management, and college and career advising solutions, so we are thrilled to join an excellent team with a shared mission to maximize student success,” he said.