Washington, D.C. Mayoral Primary, Tuesday April 1, 2014.

As Washington, D.C. voters continue to head to the polls on Tuesday, April 1 to vote in the D.C. mayoral primary, WAMU released an infographic that shows the source of the candidates’ campaign donations, from the average contribution to the amount raised from individuals and businesses.

The numbers show that Mayor Vincent Gray, Council members Muriel Bowser, Jack Evans and Vincent Orange all received a good amount of money from corporations and businesses. 36 percent of Bowser’s campaign donations came from corporations and businesses compared to 33 percent for Gray, and 24 percent for Evans.

In addition, Evans raised the most money in total ($1.4 million) followed by Bowser ($1.3 million) and Gray ($1.1 million). But Council member Tommy Wells had the highest percentage of donations (38 percent) from small individual donations ($250 or less), followed by Andy Shallal (31 percent) and former State Department official Reta Jo Lewis (28 percent).

Take a look at the infographic below courtesy of WAMU:

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Image via Flickr