Trust me, I’ve read the emails, listened to your comments and thought long and hard about how to do this the right way. As many of our loyal readers will remember, DC Inno used to have podcast, aptly called “The Beat.”

But as we grew and changed in 2017, producing the podcast fell by the wayside. It’s a tall order for me to do alone while also staying on top of all of the other moving pieces in the Inno network (you know, the newsletter, the stories on this site, our social media channels… you get the picture). That’s when I started asking around and seeking out a partner for a brand new show.

General Assembly just made sense. If you’re in the D.C. area and attending tech events, chances are you’ve been to an event at GA. Plenty of the local talent have come out of GA’s programs, and at the end of the day, our goals for this show aligned perfectly. We all want to tell the stories that you might not see in other local publications.

Called “District Download,” the show will be co-hosted by Shahier Rahman, partnerships specialist at GA, and myself. You already know who I am, but let me introduce you to Shahier: He came to the D.C. tech scene in 2016 when he was hired as the campus manager at 1776. Before that, he helped launch an incubator in Orlando called Canvs. In a former life, Shahier was in the law and international relations field — a bit different, I know. But all this to say, Shahier has an insight we don’t quite have. He works with founders who are more early stage than the people we usually cover. At GA, he’s working with both companies and entry-level programmers, designers and engineers on their employment needs.

Sam and Shahier interviewed Mark Ein for the podcast! Really.

Every other Tuesday, we’ll have a new episode for you. Some will be straightforward interview shows, others will include roundtable discussions about relevant topics in the tech scene. Our star-studded list of interviewees includes Michelle Brown of CommonLit and Mark Ein, a local investor who recently purchased the Washington City Paper. We’re also experimenting with more reported pieces — like covering a startup challenge live or bringing in a local D.C. musician for a recorded concert.

But that’s enough from me. Listen to it yourself. In the first episode of “District Download,” we chat with CommonLit CEO and founder Michelle Brown, who is behind one of the fastest growing tech nonprofits in the D.C. area.

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