Vice President Joe Biden on The View, Tuesday, Feb. 25. Image via ABC screengrab

Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit to the ladies of The View Tuesday to talk about Obamacare and his potential presidential run in 2016.

The vice president made a deal with co-host Barbara Walters that if she changes her mind about retiring this summer, he will give Walters an exclusive interview after he makes a decision about whether or not to run in 2016. “I’ll tell you what – I’ll make you a deal,” Biden said.  “If you stick around, I will announce my decision with you.”

Biden also said Hillary Clinton will not affect his decision about 2016.

“Look, the only reason to run for President of the United States [is] if you truly believe you’re in a better position to do what you think is most needed in the country,” he said. “I think my knowledge of foreign policy, my engagement with world leaders, my experience, is — uniquely positions me to be — to follow through on the agenda Barack and I have of bringing up world peace in a way that is real and substantive.”

Walters went on to ask Biden if Obamacare is a “jobs killer,” given a recent Congressional Budget Office report that stated that the Affordable Care Act will result in 2 million fewer full-time workers in 2017 and 2.5 million fewer in 2024.

Biden said the report shows that the healthcare law will give “a great deal more freedom” to Americans.

“This is a really good report,” he said. “When you get beyond the headline, about 2,000 jobs will be lost. Mr. [Douglas] Elmendorf, the guy who runs the Congressional Budget Office, when he testified pointed out that this is about freedom.”

Watch a clip of the interview below: