If you happened to walk by Kramerbooks & Afterwords cafe this morning, you probably noticed something a little different about the iconic D.C. bookstore: in lieu of the beautiful glass window that typically shows off the bookstore’s literary inventory, there’s now a massive piece of plywood with the words “Kramerbrooks, Drunks: 1 Window: 0”.

 [image via MollyGreenberg]

We had an opportunity to speak with Greg, a manager at Kramersbooks who explained the story behind the boarded-up window and, no surprise at all, the sign on the plywood board pretty much says it all. According to Greg, two drunk men were stumbling around Connecticut Ave. around 4:00 am on Sunday morning near the bookstore. According to Greg, one of the men claims to have been ‘pushed’ through the window, which then spiderwebbed and shattered. Thankfully the storefront had tempered glass so nobody was seriously injured. Once the glass broke, the two men attempted to run off but luckily the police showed up quickly and brought them back in for questioning. Interestingly enough, the police deemed the entire incident an accident and the men were free to go.

Unfortunately for Kramersbooks though, the damage was still quite high and went beyond the cost of just replacing a window. “There was about $500 to $800 worth of damage to the books near the window which were damaged and destroyed by all the broken glass”, explained Greg. “And we’re still waiting on the glass which has to be custom made, so we’re hoping that the window will be replaced by the end of this week or beginning of next week.”

Alas, it looks like the drunks have indeed scored 1 and one of D.C.’s most beloved bookstores remains at 0.

[top image via thedrinknation]