I’ve visited my fair share of co-working spaces in D.C. and so far I have been incredibly impressed with the culture, location, and amenities they offer. Places like Canvas.co and Affinity Lab are often hard to beat office-wise in terms of caliber of people, atmosphere, and location. In fact, I have been so absorbed with the co-working spaces in D.C. that I have never given Northern Virginia offices a second thought. But then again, why should I? The three biggest objections, which I believe a lot of D.C. startups share, to working in a Northern Virginia startup office typically include: proximity (or lack of) to the many hot spots in D.C., lack of public major forms of public transportation, and distance to places where business is conducted (i.e. meeting investors, clients, pitch events, etc.)

Interestingly enough, I had an opportunity to check out one of the latest startup co-working spaces in Northern Virginia (specifically in Rosslyn), and I think all of my rather lop-sided misconceptions regarding NoVA startup spaces have been completely shattered. Uber Offices, located at 1400 Key Boulevard, is probably one of the coolest and (most importantly) exciting new spaces to open up in the D.C. region. Their location is amazing, boasting an easily locatable building that’s literally a block away from the Rosslyn Metro station, and Rossyln itself is a massive hub for commuters so no matter what you’ll find a bus or a train heading any direction you need to go. In terms of proximity to hot spots, it’s a five minute bus ride or 2 stop train ride to any of D.C.’s hoppin’ bars or hang out spots, and conveniently located enough so that you can also hit up any Arlington haunts such as Clarendon and Rosslyn’s many bars and restaurants. So that alone essentially counters any of the typical detractions most startups have to working in a ‘Northern Virginia office’.



Beyond the amazing location, the actual offices are pretty sweet. If you can’t tell by the pictures, this place is pretty damn spacious with a killer view to boot. The views from every office are actually so distracting, I may just throw it into the ‘con’ column considering you can spend hours just staring out into the captivating D.C. landscape. To complement it’s rocking interiors, Uber Offices also has a fantastic suite of tenants with some very familiar (and awesome) names from the D.C. Tech scene, including Veenome, Votifi, and LemurIMS. The caliber of companies that have already made Uber Offices their home is incredibly impressive considering that this particular space has only been open for a month or two, something that truly speaks volumes on the merits and potential this space has to become a hot startup hub.

Having cool tech neighbors is just one fantastic benefit of working at Uber Offices, and just to sweeten the pot, they have every amenity you can possibly ask for from a fun startup office including cornhole, a fully stocked fridge (including top-shelf beer), and a slew of games and flatscreen TVs to keep you happy. What really made my jaw drop about this new space is the pricing: $300.00/mo for a general desk and $500/mo for a desk in an office (there are multiple offices that have multiple desks so you can easily fit your company in there), a stark contrast to the $700+ you typically have to pay for a desk at many District offices.

I can easily say this new space will give a lot of District office spaces a run for their money, and I wouldn’t be surprised at all if more D.C. Tech companies start flocking to this new hot co-working space. Safe to say that I’ll definitely be dropping by a few times to hang out with the incredible companies there, and play a few games of cornhole with some of this area’s best and brightest startup rockstars.

Viva la Uber Offices.