If there’s one thing you can rely on scandalous stories in the media to do, it’s that they will always spawn countless internet memes. The current meme of the week is a little something called #TEOing. If you’re unfamiliar with Manti Te’o and the salacious media frenzy that surrounds the Notre Dame football star, let me quickly break down the story: Manti Te’o is a Notre Dame linebacker that captured the hearts and minds of football fans across the nation when it became known that his girlfriend (Lennay Kekua) was in a tragic car accident which also led to her being diagnosed with leukemia (imagine the most terrible and unfortunate series of events, like, ever). Their situation made them the sweetheart couple of college football, only further fueled by the fact that Manti Te’o is one hell of a linebacker and apparently a big softie. He would openly talk to the public about his love for her, his hope that she will pull through her illness, and what eventually turned out to be her tragic death during a game he was playing as she passed away from her leukemia.

Heartbreaking, right?

Well, they were all lies apparently.

“Lennay Kekua” didn’t actually exist (trumped by a woman coming forward to point out that was her picture being used on Lennay’s Twitter handle), and was the product of a complex web of lies and false identities, all backed by social media accounts and harvested photos online. When questioned further, Manti Te’o admitted that his relationship with this girl actually existed online, he never actually met her, and that he had no idea she was a fictitious/made-up person that was conning him (the jury is still out on whether this is true or not).

As for what #TEOing is, it’s the equivalent of #Tebowing in which people online (typically males with a few females here and there) pose for a picture but instead of bowing their head to thank the big guy upstairs for a touchdown, they wrap their arms around an imaginary significant other, typically in a funny/awkward situation.

The internet is blowing up with people posing in some hilarious spots, including places like their job, showers, and pretty much anywhere you can imagine taking an imaginary girlfriend to.

Suffice to say this article would not be complete without including some of my all-time-favorites of #TEOing pics from Twitter.