Americans seem to be split when it comes to that R-word no one likes to talk about. Religion is one of the most divisive issues in America today. Depending on who you talk to, we are either a nation of god-less heathens, or evangelical zealots. If who we elect to Congress actually represent our demographics, in reality it looks like most Americans are Catholic, as this map created by Buzzfeed of religious affiliation of Congress based on district shows.

Of course this map reveals some interesting facets of the religious divide in America. While Catholicism is mainly concentrated in the Northeast, there are pockets of staunch Catholics throughout the country. Baptists exist mainly in the South which should come as no surprise, just as all of the House’s Mormons are from Utah and Idaho.

Most surprising to me were the minority representations showing some diversity of religion among our elected officials. Hank Johnson of Georgia and Colleen Hanabusa of Hawaii are the two Buddhists, while Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is the only Hindu in the House. Much to the dismay of the teapartiers I’m sure, there are two Muslim Congressmen, André Carson of Indiana and Keith Ellison of Minnesota. Surprisingly for those that believe America is losing its religion, there is only one member of Congress that openly admits to having no religion, and that’s Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. Every single representative belonging to a non-Christian religion is Democratic, except for Eric Cantor who is the only Jewish Republican.