Last Friday afternoon, a massive brawl erupted between two large crowds of D.C. high school students at the Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station which involved multiple people in what is probably one of the most shocking displays of violence you’ll see in the District. Fox 5 reported that the incident took place around 4:00 pm as multiple students were heading home from school near the Metro station and that the groups of students that were involved in the altercation each went to rival D.C. high schools.

The Gallery Place-Chinatown Metro station typically has a number of Metro police officers and extra security due to its propensity for attracting rambunctious youth in the afternoons, but even with the added presence of officers on scene the police at the metro station were still struggling to maintain the crowds. They eventually had to call for backup, and roughly a half-dozen juveniles were arrested.

The fight is now being investigated by Metro Transit Police, and the chief is currently collaborating with local high school officials and the Metropolitan Police to discern how this situation came to be and how it can be avoided in the future. According to Fox 5, there was a similar incident that happened at Union Station last Thursday in which a large brawl involving numerous students got out of hand.

You can watch video from the fight below but beware: there’s a plethora of NSFW language and images so you may want to throw on some headphones if you’re at work.

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