Tucked behind Booz Allen Hamilton’s Maryland Ave. office, in the middle of L’Enfant Plaza, is an unlikely attraction: ARTECHOUSE.

In June, the art exhibition site opened the doors to its home in a basement space in Southwest that had been vacant for nearly 25 years. Now, the 15,000 sq. ft. space, with 30 ft. ceilings, is creating a new kind of art space in the District.

Located at 1238 Maryland Ave. SW, ARTECHOUSE attracts exhibitions that, of course, play with both art and tech. The first, “XYZT: Abstract Landscapes,” was a so-called virtual playground of different interactive light shows and projections that reacted to movement and touch. The second was “Spirit of Autumn,” which closed on Nov. 5 and took you inside of an autumnal forest landscape and included a blend of both interactive and immersive displays.

In its third exhibition, “Kingdom of Colors,” French filmmaker Thomas Blanchard and artist Oilhack teamed up to create a fully immersive colorscape for visitors to enjoy. For Blanchard, this is a continuation of his work with colorful liquids, which most recently was seen in Apple’s commercial for the iPhone X. ARTECHOUSE also laid out some bean bag chairs on its floor so visitors could just lay back and enjoy the show.

“Kingdom of Colors” opens Friday and runs until Nov. 26. Tickets run from $12-$25.

Take a sneak peek at the new exhibition in our video tour—