For the fourth year in a row The Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence (CFEE) – which was recently ranked No. 25 on The Princeton Review‘s list of top graduate entrepreneurship programs – will host the 2013 George Washington University Global Entrepreneurship Conference. Ever since inception, this three-day long event has been considered a destination for up-and-coming entrepreneurs, well established industry professionals, respected investors, and innovative academics alike; a conference proven to have outstanding value. This year will be no different, only bigger and grander than ever before.

The GW Global Entrepreneurship Conference brings together the best and brightest minds from the entrepreneurial research realm and public policy communities to foster a conversation about the future in business and the latest trends in venture creation. The point here being to showcase how collaboration among different groups lends for “new possibilities” – the theme of this year’s event.

A convention chock full of keynote panels, networking opportunities, and research presentations, all of the various activities are geared toward policy development in the D.C.-area. What’s more, it’s an event jointly put on by GW; the International Council for Small Business; The World Bank Group; the U.S. Small Business Administration; the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, which just goes to show how invaluable of an experience this conference will undoubtedly be. Think about it: You could rub elbows with Caroline Anstey or Thomas J. Donohue or, well you get where I’m going here. The opportunities are endless.

As for the logistics, the 4th Annual GW Global Entrepreneurship Conference will take place from Thursday, October 17 to Saturday, October 19, beginning with a marketplace at The World Bank, transitioning into public policy day at GW’s School of Business and then culminating with research day again at GW’s School of Business. I’m not going to play favorites here; every day sounds absolutely amazing to me. Especially given the big names confirmed as exhibitors and speakers. Let’s just say that you don’t want to miss out on chatting with these folks.

Considering that this conference only occurs once a year, it is sure to attract a whole slew of employers and will allot enough time for opportunistic connections to be made. It’s a no-brainer event to attend. See you there.