Not sure how this gem flew under the radar, but Mitt Romney gave the commencement speech at Southern Virginia University on Saturday, and boy was it one unforgettable spiel full of countless biblical references. Advising students to get married in their 20s and have a “quiver full of kids,” Romney spoke to the graduating class of 2013 passionately, fervently, a father-son like moment from the failed GOP presidential candidate to an audience of more than 1,800.

Kicking off the day with many a-thank you and a congratulatory note to the graduating class, Romney alerted the public of a new American dream.

“To the parents, the years of investment and prayers have added to this joyful achievement and you’re about to enjoy the new American dream. The new American dream is not owning your own home, the new American dream is getting the kids out of the home you own.”

Met with laughter, Romney continued on, slightly more confident as he spoke.

“You will not all be rich, and famous, and powerful, but each of you can live an eminently successful, rewarding, abundant life.”

Well, as long as you “launch out into the deep” by getting hitched young, have a “quiver full of kids if you can,” and live your life fully.

According to Romney, those who wait until they’re well into their 30s or 40s to put a ring on it are  “going to miss out on so much living.” And testing out the waters with a dog prior to children is just putting off the happiness you could have early on.

It’s important to note that he was speaking to a university whose population mostly consists of Mormons, a safe choice in my opinion as he would have been heckled for his conjectures at a more diverse school.

From what I can tell, it seems as if Romney’s speech was quite a hit at SVU, received positively by the majority of those in attendance, but I can’t help but wonder what this new “quiver full of kids” line will do for him. First “binders full of women” and now “quiver full of kids?” I know it’s a phrase straight out of the Bible, but come on, the connection between the two references is just too easy to make.

You can check out Romney’s full SVU commencement address below:


[Featured Image via SVU]