Baseball season is here again, and Nationals fans will soon be streaming to the stadium to watch their team play. The team may not have a drone flying above games anymore, thanks to the FCC, but there are plenty of new tech innovations for fans to play around with this year at Nationals Park.

Like everyone else, the Nationals are turning to mobile apps and the cloud for ways to get people at the games to spend money. A new mobile website look and an app coming out in May will let fans check out ticket options from their phones, buy seats and get into games, all without having to print a ticket. The app will be separate but connected to MLB’s At the Ballpark. People going to the games can also now put money into eCash accounts to buy things at the game, skipping regular lines for special eCash-only ones. Season-ticket holders will be able to get special benefits on top of that.

The Nationals are also teaming up with local tech startup, which recently raised $10 million in funding, to use their online identity verification software. Specifically, military members and veterans will be able to get exclusive deals for tickets thanks to the software, which caters to service organizations like the military.

Of course, whether or not any of the new bells and whistles will do a lot to draw in the numbers is hard to predict. It makes a lot of sense, though, for the Nats to try to get the most out of everyone having their smartphones with them at all times. As long as they look up when the umpire calls, “Play ball!”


Image via Flickr