It looks like in addition to the African American Museum that is currently being built on the National Mall, D.C.’s iconic stretch of monuments may be getting an extra museum that focuses on the history and potential future of entrepreneurs in the country. Dubbed the National Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (NCEI), the core mission behind the potential museum would be to celebrate the ingenuity and spirit behind the many entrepreneurs in the country as well as the effect their work has had on a global scale. The center would also differ from most museums in the sense that it would focus on the future (i.e. what we can do to train the next generation of entrepreneurs) rather than the past.

The concept for NCEI was recently unveiled at the Clinton Global Initiative on June 14th, with the vision of the center focused on “…celebrating the living spirit and untold stories of great entrepreneurs, inventors and innovators as we inspire and support the next generation to solve challenges across time, language and culture.” The NCEI already touts some impressive names amongst their board members, including notable thought leaders in business and entrepreneurship like Vint Cerf (Chief Internet Evangelist and VP of Google), Carly Fiorina (Chairman of Good360 and former CEO of Hewlett-Packard), Dean Kamen (founder of Deka Research and holder of over 440 patents), Philip Auerswald (author of The Coming Prosperity: How Entrepreneurs Are Transforming the Global Economy), Donna Harris (co-founder of 1776), and others.

Philip Auerswald, founding board chair for the NCEI, noted the importance of the center and the potential impact it has to shape and influence future generations of entrepreneurs in the country:

The principals in our initiative started over three years ago with a simple question—where is entrepreneurship and innovation celebrated in the United States? We want the 25 million people who visit Washington, D.C., every year to experience, front and center, the creative dynamism that is at the heart of the American character and that built the American economy.

Suffice to say that a museum dedicated to the spirit of entrepreneurship is definitely a first in the District, and with D.C. becoming a thriving hub for startups and small businesses it only makes sense that the city starts plans to establish one. It’ll be interesting to see how the NCEI continues to develop and make its way to establishing a permanent spot on the National Mall. For more news on the center and their efforts in building the museum, you can check out their website here.