D.C. during the summer months is plenty hot, and the sticky humidity only makes it feel even hotter. It’s bad enough when you’re just outside relaxing, but if you’re working or exerting yourself, it can be downright dangerous. But with the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s Heat Safety Tool app, you can keep an eye on what the temperature feels like and get helpful suggestions on how to survive it, even if you’re working outside.

“OSHA developed the Heat Safety Tool smartphone app as part of a nationwide outreach campaign to raise awareness among workers and employers about the hazards of working outdoors in hot weather,” the DigitalGov website about the app explains. “OSHA first created an Android app which calls the API provided by the National Weather Service to get the local temperature and relative humidity via the phone’s geolocation capability.”

You can enter in the temperature and humidity yourself if you don’t want to use the automatic system. After that, the heat index (basically how hot it really feels) comes up, along with how that ranks as a danger and some tips for dealing with that heat. It’s no joke either, people can and do suffer heat stroke and other kinds of hyperthermia in D.C. every year. Homeless people are especially vulnerable.

So if you’re going to be out, even if you’re not working too hard, drink plenty of water, get some shade now and then and keep an eye out for warning signs. And you can use the app to know exactly how much risk you face. You can get the app for iOS and Android.

“Stay informed and safe in the heat, check your risk level,” the app page states.