Geeks of America, the White House has a message for you: Get health insurance so you can focus on your geeky passion.

That’s the message behind the latest push from the Obama administration to get people to sign up for health insurance on before the open enrollment period ends at the beginning of April. This new appeal aims straight at the science and technology community, the #GeeksGetCovered title makes it pretty clear who they hope to reach.

“Geeks are a critical driver of America’s innovation ecosystem, from the entrepreneurs launching startups in Silicon Valley to the scientists experimenting in university research labs to the whiz kids building gadgets in their parents’ garages,” wrote White House Chief Technology Officer Todd Parker in a letter about the new initiative.

March is the last month before the first open enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges. With time running out, President Obama has been making all kinds of appeals to people to get the insurance they need while they can. Most notably he appeared earlier this week on the comedy web series Between Two Ferns to spar with Zach Galifianakis and promote the health exchanges.

#GeeksGetCovered represents another aspect of that appeal although with a much more specific audience in mind. As the video below points out, there are all kinds of small business owners, freelancers and others in the tech industry who do not have employer-based insurance and can use the open exchange to get health insurance. That way they can embrace their geeky activities without worrying about it. Or as they put it, “You’re a geek, get covered.”