In the midst of launching their first European Union product and rolling out a new customer relationship management platform, Quorum Analytics moved into a fancy new office in early April.

The Washington, D.C.-based startup is out to disrupt public affairs — creating a platform that allows users to search through legislative data and organizes necessary comprehensive congressional data to equip people with the info they need to come to an informed opinion.

Founded by two Harvard alums in January 2015, the startup moved full-time into the District at the end of that same year to be closer to the action. Now, they’re moving on up to an even bigger space to accompany their growing team.

Before heading to their new digs at 1050 Connecticut Avenue NW, Quorum was at a rented out conference space in Carr Workplaces. If you wanted to take a call, you needed to sit in the hallway, and you had to be creative when looking for a quiet place to work on team projects.

The new space is equipped with a kitchen, several isolated meeting rooms and an open floor plan for any office needs — not to mention a huge conference room that they can use to host events in the office.

Also, because a few of their developers are also pet sitters, each conference room is named after one of developers’ dog clients — because, well, why not?

Let’s take a look around—

All images courtesy of Kevin King, Quorum Analytics