The Wing has finally landed in D.C.

On Thursday, the New York City-based, women’s social club and co-working space will officially debut in Georgetown — a year after it first announced it would be heading to the District, its first location outside of NYC.

Now, while Georgetown might seem like an out-of-touch spot to pick, co-founder Audrey Gelman said it was very much intentional. The location, at 1056 Thomas Jefferson NW, was once home to an all-women architecture firm, run by Chloethiel Woodard Smith. Accordingly, the firm left its footprint on downtown D.C., including in the preservation of the Pension Building, which houses the National Building Museum,  and the Capitol Park Apartments. Inside the space, The Wing has put up a plaque to Chloethiel’s accomplishments.

“It’s very rare for a space that has a unique sort of women’s history to it to be on the market, so we were very excited about that,” Gelman told DC Inno in a tour of the new location on Monday. “It’s cool to have that legacy in the space.”

Wallpaper featuring accomplished women in D.C.’s history. Image courtesy of The Wing.

And the company’s homage to local women history doesn’t stop there. In the entry way, wallpaper featuring busts of D.C.’s most accomplished women covers the walls, and it was created by two Wing members specifically for the new spot.

In an effort to keep designs consistent among all four operations, The Wing brought in the same design team it relies on in New York City, architect Alda Ly and interior designer Chiara de Rege. Open layouts, private meeting and reading nooks and light-filled rooms are the focus of the 10,000 sq. ft. location.

“We definitely brought some elements [of D.C.] in, whether it was a custom wallpaper or the names of the conference rooms or with our menu in the cafe where we partnered with a bunch of female-owned food purveyors,” Gelman said. “But we tried to not get too hokey. We tried to incorporate it without getting too over-the-top.”

At the end of the day, setting up shop in D.C. just made sense for The Wing. Gelman said they received so many inbound requests from women asking for a spot in the District, and both co-founders had ties to the region (Gelman lived in D.C. for work around 2008, and co-founder Lauren Kassan is a George Washington University alumna).

“It was one of the most requested locations from the get-go,” Gelman said.

To kick-off the grand opening, The Wing is hosting a variety of events in April, from panels with ladies reporting on The White House to a pop-up beauty hour to soundbath meditation. As of February, 13,000 women have applied to be a part of the D.C. location. Its unclear how many are actually a part of it now.

Within the expansive space is a variety of conference rooms (named after D.C. neighborhoods), call rooms (named after influential female politicians), a wellness and exercise room, a meditation/yoga room, a cafe called The Perch, and a lending library curated with all-female authors by NYC’s The Strand Bookstore. All of the artwork in the location is by female artists, including Alba Hodsoll, Clara Claus, Deborah Brown and more.

Monthly memberships range from $215 for one location to $250 for access to all four locations. Annual rates also are offered at $2,350 for a single location and $2,700 for all locations.

Let’s take a look around:



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