For seven years, Mapbox’s D.C. employees worked from a 2,500 sq. ft. garage near Logan Circle. It made sense at the time—it was a small, collaborative group. 

But, as it goes, they outgrew the office. No longer could they fit everyone in the quaint garage space once they got to around 20 in D.C. and 221 worldwide. That’s why they moved to their new digs in the new Logan Exchange co-working space at 1509 16th St. NW to accomodate a team that’s growing nonstop. In just the first part of 2017, Mapbox has hired 20 people in the D.C. office, bringing the startup’s total workforce count to over 200 across all five of its offices.  

To date, Mapbox has brought in $60 million in funding and has 5,000 paying customers and 20,000 free customers. The company creates map technology to tackle problems like urban sprawl in cities. Companies like Pinterest, Mapquest, the Financial Times, GitHub, The Weather Channel and Lonely Planet use the platform. 

Let’s take a look around the new two-floor space, which comes with a stocked kitchen, a shower, plenty of open space and an office dog (of course).