Despite a week of scathing allegations against President Obama calling him as the mastermind behind cover-ups in Benghazi as well as directing a covert IRS campaign to harass conservative groups, the majority of Americans don’t really buy it.  A new national poll from CNN shows that Obama’s approval rating has stayed pretty steady at 53% and that the only people who believe that Obama is a master of deceit, don’t really like him anyway.  It should be noted that Ronald Reagan’s approval rating was similar when he accepted responsibility for the Iran-Contra affair.

As far as the Benghazi story goes, about half of the country believes the original statements the administration made regarding the attacks were truthful and contained all the information available at the time. Those who are convinced otherwise are overwhelmingly Republican (76%) and a separate poll shows that 39% of those outraged by the administration’s supposed lies can’t tell you where Benghazi is located.  I’d be interested to see the overlap between these groups and the people who still believe he was born in Kenya.

Another conspiracy that just won’t die involves unfair IRS scrutiny towards conservative groups applying for tax-free status.  Conspiracy theorists insinuate presidential involvement, wielding government powers during an election to quash political opposition. They’re also so fond of throwing around the word ‘impeachment’ that I’m surprised it hasn’t started trending on Twitter.  The poll shows, however, that this opinion comes from a very vocal minority.  Some 61% of Americans believe Obama’s statements in regards to the IRS scandal.  Compare that with 68% of Republicans who think he’s lying through his teeth, and you start to understand the story’s prevalence on Fox News and why the New York Times has largely forgotten about it.

So there you have it, an incredibly divided America.  While Obama will never have to face voters again and impeachment is an extremely remote possibility, it’ll be interesting to see how the details of these ‘scandals’ flush out and effect a possible Hillary 2016 ticket.