On April 16, the acquisition deal for Disruption Corp. by 1776 was announced. Those pictured include 1776 co-founder Evan Burfield (far left); Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe (center, behind podium); 1776 co-founder Donna Harris (to right of McAuliffe); and Disruption Corp. founder Paul Singh (far right). DC Inno photo.

Paul Singh, the well-known founder of Disruption Corporation and Crystal Tech Fund, is leaving his role as senior partner at tech incubator 1776 as its acquisition of Disruption officially closed on Tuesday.

“Paul’s moving on to do other projects,” 1776 co-founder Evan Burfield said in an interview with DC Inno. “There are great things he’d like to pursue and rather than wait 30 days or 90 days he decided now was the best time to go after them.”

The announcement of the deal three months ago included Singh and the rest of his team joining 1776 and Disruption becoming 1776 Crystal City. The rest of the Disruption team will continue on with 1776, with most of them becoming part of 1776’s product team.

“Their tech is being integrated into our tech and we’re adding bells and whistles to Disruption,” Burfield said. “It’s part of our overall plan to bring the startup community here together.”

Image via DC Inno

Concerns raised over whether the Disruption member companies would stay on under 1776 were also apparently unfounded.

“We were pleasantly surprised how smooth the transition was,” Burfield said. “The turnover’s been no higher than the normal course of business.”

Burfield said as far as he knows Singh will continue to live in the area to pursue his new projects. Singh had previously sent out an email to tell people he planned to stick around the area. We’ve reached out to Singh for comment and will update when we know more.