Nothing is more American than baseball. And as the sunshine returns to D.C. and fans of the Nationals dust off their jerseys to support Washington’s hometown team in tonight’s Opening Day game in New York, the nation is ready to play ball.

In honor of Opening Day of this year’s baseball season, C-SPAN has compiled decades’ worth of footage into a nearly three-minute-long video of politicians declaring their love and support for America’s pastime. As George W. Bush says in the opening clip, “If you want to be associated with what’s truly American, and you’re a politician, you better get close to baseball.”

The Washington Nationals will be playing the New York Mets this afternoon to open the season, with the first pitch scheduled for 1:10 p.m. True fans haven’t been able to contain their excitement this year, with experts declaring that 2014 just might be the year the Washington Nationals become one of the best teams in America.

Of the 43 ESPN baseball writers, in fact, 19 have predicted the Nationals will make it to the World Series, with 12 seeing a Nationals win at the end of the season; Sports Illustrated has also predicted a definitive win for the Nationals this season. Last year, the Nats just missed the playoffs, with an 86-76 record for the 2013 season.

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