Almost exactly one month ago, the news broke that media giant Allbritton Communications was selling the local TV station WJLA/News Channel 8 to focus on expanding POLITICO, the news industry’s fastest rising star. Now the publication that is like political porn for Washingtonians is making more moves to improve its clout to rival it’s much older competitors like the New York Times and Washington Post.  Late Sunday night POLITICO reporter Dylan Beyer announced that Susan Glasser would be joining the team as editor of new long-form journalism and opinion divisions.

Glasser is a known superstar among Washington political writers. She served as an editor for Roll Call and the Washington Post before joining Foreign Policy in 2009. At Foreign Policy, Glasser turned the site into a must read, adding in blogs, opinion pieces, and photo slideshows to give it a surge in monthly traffic, up to 4.4 million unique monthly visitors. Her success in making Foreign Policy magazine a leader in the digital news realm with innovative content and diverse stories falls in line with the direction POLITICO’s CEO Robert Allbritton had announced he was looking to take the publication in. Chiefly increasing the breadth and scope of digital content, while remaining a key source for breaking political news.

“This next stage of POLITICO’s growth has two main components. The first is to add magazine-style journalism to our newsroom – the kind Susan has produced masterfully throughout her career,” editor-in-chief John Harris and executive editor Jim VandeHei wrote in their staff  memo announcing the hire. “Like all our journalism, these stories will aim to take full advantage of our digital platform and the enormous audiences available to us there. Susan will also oversee special glossy editions of this new POLITICO magazine, stocked with profiles, investigative reporting and provocative analysis.”

So what does this mean for actual politicos on the ground, us voracious consumers of political news? It means POLITICO is growing up, from our trendy older cousin who brought us the quick news from the Capitol halls before our father, the New York Times, could come home from a long days work with all the facts. By branching out into long form and investigative style writing, POLITICO will have the potential to be the only publication in Washington that matters when it comes to all things politics.

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