Prince Harry, my own personal favorite British royal, has released the details of his upcoming US trip.  No, Las Vegas did not make the list this year, but Washington DC did.  Last year the pale royal hung out at a swanky reception at the Ritz-Carlton with Colin Powell, Ban Ki-Moon and Henry Kissinger.  He then proceeded to be photographed in the buff during what appeared to be a game of strip billiards at the Wynn Las Vegas.

As an avid traveler I always enjoy reading about travel agendas, but to be honest, this trip sounds like a chore.  In DC he’s scheduled to go to Capitol Hill for a landmine clearance exhibit and then a British Ambassador’s reception.  Then he’s going to pay respects at Arlington National Cemetery and meet with some wounded soldiers at Walter Reed.  All very nice things to do, but it all sounds like a bit of a drag.

His trip gets even worse after DC.  First he has to go to a Consul-General’s reception in Denver, then attend the Warrior Games in Colorado Springs, CO.  I see nothing about skiing or hot tubs listed anywhere.  Then in New York, rather than club hop with Paris Hilton, he’ll be headlining another charity event.  Then it’s off to New Jersey, which always sucks, to meet with some Hurricane Sandy victims.  As if it wasn’t bad enough, he will be ending his trip in Connecticut to play polo.  The two most boring words in the English dictionary are in that sentence: Connecticut and polo.

If you do get bored Harry, please feel free to come and play some pool with the In The Capital crew.