If the Hill’s annual list of the 50 Most Beautiful People on Capitol Hill is a little out of your league, no need to fear. Looks fade, but money can last a lifetime. The Hill just released their list of the 50 Wealthiest lawmakers in Congress. While liberals get the bad rap for being elitist, it’s actually the Republicans who clean up on this year’s list, taking 29 of the 50 richest slots.

Chief Inquisitor, I mean, the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Darryl Issa of California took the top spot for 2013, with a net worth of $355 million. Issa is the owner of Directed Electronics, a manufacturer of car alarms. Specifically the company made a killing with the Viper alarm system, which is activated by body pressure when set and sounds Darryl Issa’s voice saying “Protected by Viper, stand back!” Genius.

Representative Michael McCaul, a Republican from Texas has previously held the top spot on the 50 Wealthiest list two years in the running, but this year was regaled to the number two slot with a net worth of $101 million.

Minority leaders Nancy Pelosi from the House and Mitch McConnell both made this years list, while such rising stars as Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio did not make the cut. Rubio’s net worth was reported to be $190,000 in the red.

Some Democratic stars on the list include Senator Mark Warner of Virginia, who nabbed the number three spot with $88.5 million in the bank. Senator Elizabeth Warren also made the list with a cool $3.9 million in net worth.

The Hill makes a point to outline their methodology, stating that numbers used for the rankings are conservative estimates. According to their site, “The Hill used financial disclosure forms covering the 2012 calendar year. The reports are not perfect, because they provide value ranges instead of exact figures” and then “adds up the low figures in each value range for every asset and liability. Then, the sum of a lawmaker’s liabilities is deducted from the sum of his or her assets to calculate a minimum net worth.”

Below you can see a slideshow of the top ten wealthiest members of Congress, and you can see the full list of all 50 here.  Just remember, next time you accuse Capitol Hill of being out of touch with the American people, it’s probably in more ways than one.