For most people who have worked in the world of startups, the idea of pitching your product or service to bigger companies to gain business is certainly not a foreign concept. But how about the idea of bigger companies such as AOL, Gannett, and Discovery Networks pitching to smaller startups to gain their services? As interesting of a role reversal as that is, this ‘switch-up’ concept is the driving force behind SwitchPitch, a new breed of ‘pitch event’ designed to have local D.C. tech startups provide their versatile and dynamic services to bigger companies that have special projects in need of entrepreneurial speed and efficiency.

The idea behind SwitchPitch is that the D.C. area is home to a variety of major Healthcare, Finance, and Media companies that are in the process of launching special digital projects for their organizations but lack the efficiency and versatility that a small startup team provides. By connecting these larger companies with the local startups in the region, these corporations can not only get their special projects off the ground with a highly capable technical team but the D.C. Tech community will also receive a valuable boost in customer revenue, as well as open up new opportunities for strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in the area. A number of companies have already signed up to pitch their digital media and social advertising needs to D.C. startups at SwitchPitch, including the Washington Post, AOL, Discovery Networks, Gannett, the Washington Post, and the Motley Fool.

Sita Vasan, Executive Director of SwitchPitch, commented on the launch of this new D.C. startup initiative, noting:

We’re proud to be bringing together today’s leaders & tomorrow’s future technology leaders through this great event. This event really opens the door for an early stage startup to enter into a relationship with a major strategic partner. We’re looking forward to cultivating the relationship between startups and larger established companies, and to accelerating deals while increasing jobs in the community.

The event will be held on March 21, 2013 at the new 1776 Coworking Space at 1133 15th St. NW. The event sponsors also include some pretty familiar D.C. Tech names, including Endeavor D.C., the Merritt Group, CVENT, Patton Boggs, Startup DC, Microsoft, and the Ambrose Group.

This is definitely a must-attend tech event, and I highly encourage any startups interested in pitching to apply here. It’s not only free to apply, but also free to attend!