Start loading up on Margaret Thatcher quotes, Dennis Feinstein cologne, and copious amounts of bacon: your favorite group of outdoor recreational bureaucrats are coming to D.C. to film the new season of Parks and Recreation. A recent posting from TVLine says that sources close to the show have confirmed that the NBC comedy is scoping out set locations and places to shoot scenes in and around D.C. for the premiere of the show, possibly even for further episodes in the future.

As a massive fan of the show, please allow me to use this moment to celebrate via a slideshow of my favorite Ron Swanson images:

For those unfamiliar with the show, Parks and Recreation chronicles the lives of a team of government officials that work in the Parks department of a fictional Indiana city called Pawnee.  At the end of the last season, the main character (Leslie Knope) has a boyfriend (Ben Wyatt) that has accepted a job in D.C. and the show will continue to follow their story as they attempt a long-distance relationship.

According to the show’s Executive Producer, Michael Schur, they plan on making Ben’s absence as realistic as possible, saying that:

We want to make it real. We don’t want to have it be that in the premiere all of a sudden he’s back. That would be pointless. He’s going to be gone for a while.

Sources at the network have also indicated that Amy Poehler is expected to visit D.C. for a few days of shooting to film Leslie helping her boyfriend settle into the rigors of D.C. living. I’m assuming the citizens of the District are going to go into hyper “Poehler-Watch”, keeping an eye for that iconic grin and blonde hair of Poehler considering she will be traipsing around the city for shoots. Personally, if I do see any of the cast, I will definitely go out of my way for a handshake and a picture.

I mean, come on, how often do you get to meet the Knope-ster or Ron Swanson in real life?

[image via ScreenJunkies]