One thing that can make any event planner sweat is the pressure to sell out their events. With so many events happening around D.C. it can be a challenge to cut through all of the event noise and reach your target audience.

On the other hand, publications are looking to fill up their event calendars with the can’t-miss events for their readers. There is no doubt that Washingtonians are constantly looking for the hottest events around the city that cater to their specific interests whether it be tech, fashion, or business. There are several event calendars out there, some that include an overwhelming number of events and others that feature select events that cater to their niche audience. Obviously my go-to event calendar to find the best events in the city is our very own InTheCapital Event Calendar.

So what is an event planner to do while wearing multiple hats to handle operations, client relations, and event promotion? Spending hours upon hours sending out press releases and submitting your events to local calendars does not seem like the best use of time.

Cut to every event planner’s new best friend, Scenesquid. If you are just being introduced to Scenesquid, hold on to your hat – it’s genius. At InTheCapital, in addition to using our own channels and promotional tools, we’ve worked with Scenesquid for our pillar events like DC Fest and our newest event, 50 on Fire.

Scenesquid provides a streamlined method for publicizing events and is a must-use tool for event promoters and publications alike.  On the promotion side, planners fill in an event information form (or can now autopopulate the form by linking your Facebook event – how easy!) By tagging the event in specific categories, Scenesquid can match any event with the best suited publications.

Scenesquid’s co-founder, Mack Kolarich said the site has experienced fantastic, organic growth and now has hundreds of venues, organizations, and artists using the service. As a local startup, Scenesquid focuses on events and publications in the DMV area but Mack says they’ll be bringing Scenesquid to new cities soon.

All of you Washingtonian event planners and publications, head to and try out their service for free. Check out this quick video walking you through their site!

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