Coming from a person who often has to hoof it around D.C. to get to meetings and events, I have my own personal mire of complaints regarding this city’s plethora of inconsiderate drivers, joggers, and of course, cyclists. But like all people who suck in life, these tiny groups of bad apples don’t accurately represent the bigger demographic of commuters who are for the most part safe and courteous to others around them. Case in point: I recently came across a video on a DC sub-Reddit post that captured a small group of fixed-gear cyclists filming themselves in what can only be described as an idiot’s guide to breaking every single DC traffic law on a bike that one can muster in the span of 10 minutes.

As you can see in the clip, this small group of idiot bikers run red lights, weave through crowded intersections of pedestrians, cut off cars, and essentially embody the very definition of obnoxious cyclists (again, not representing the MAJORITY of cyclist in DC).

The outcome of course, is that one of them gets annihilated by a taxi when he runs a red light (see time mark 14:10).

The video itself was taken during DC Bike Party’s latest June meetup held last Wednesday (June 12th). For those unfamiliar with DC Bike Party, it’s essentially a massive group bike ride of like-minded cycling enthusiasts who ride through the city en masse while celebrating the joys of floating on two wheels. These meetups typically involve blasting music, merry making at bars, and most importantly, a very strict guideline of safety rules to ensure all of the bikers riding together traverse the city in the most cautious way possible. Every DC Bike Party route is planned meticulously beforehand by the group’s organizers, and during each meetup there are designated road marshalls who assist in controlling traffic and ensure the safety of all the bikers who come out to ride.

The people you see in the video who came out for DC Bike Party rode well ahead of the actual group and decided to ‘show off’ by ignoring the most basic of traffic rules like not running red lights…which is why one of them got creamed by a taxi.

Lia Seremetis, Founder and Head Organizer of DC Bike Party commented on the video and the behavior of the bikers on film, noting:

Yes this happened WHILE DC Bike Party was happening, but you might notice in the video that there really isn’t even evidence of a massive group ride going on– that is because these guys were speeding up in front of the ride marshals and disobeying the rules. It’s extremely unfortunate, and I hope he is alright, but this is what happens when you act like a jerk, and it just plain isn’t representative of the 600 plus people who rode with bike party last week and had a great time.

So even though the cyclists you see in this video will make you shake your head and silently whisper “what an idiot…”, it’s important to note that these clowns do not represent DC bikers as a whole.

For the considerate bikers out there who are interested in checking out a DC Bike Party ride, you can learn more about the organization here or check out their one year anniversary meetup on July 12.