Vanessa Bayer is pictured. Image via Screengrab.

Saturday Night Live this week mocked CNN’s wall-to-wall coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 with a commercial of what it would be like if CNN had a pregnancy test device.

“When it comes to giving information, there’s only one name we trust to give it us constantly. That’s why we use the new CNN take-home pregnancy test, its relentless breaking alerts lets us know that it’s working hard to find out if we are having a baby,” Beck Bennett and Vanessa Bayer said in the video.

Some of the pregnancy test alerts included updates like “Breaking: search for pregnancy underway…Breaking: CNN more confident than ever that it will soon know if you’re pregnant,” as the couple grew frustrated that the updates weren’t giving them the information they needed.

The couple eventually had their baby but the CNN Pregnancy Test continued to give “breaking news alerts.”

Watch the video below courtesy of NBC: