The SocialRadar app was officially introduced to the world about a month ago, but Thursday night the hot startup behind it will begin ramping up its promotional push with an official launch party at 1776. While launch parties are typically relaxed gatherings of a startup, its followers and the local community, this one is no joke. In fact, it might be one of the biggest launch parties D.C. tech has ever seen.

Currently, the RSVP list operated by D.C.’s nvite has more than 1,200 1,300 people signed up. That kind of community support is not only amazing, but should make for a hell of a party. (Someone informed us after publishing that Hinge’s launch was quite big as well with 1,900 RSVPs and about 1,200 in attendance.)

Shana Glenzer, VP of Social Marketing for SocialRadar, said the response is quite meaningful to her company. “We’re all so excited and really proud,” she said. “This is really the kickoff of our D.C. rollout. For us it’s not only a milestone, but also really exciting to see the response so far.”

As they begin their city-by-city push after tonight, which obviously starts here in D.C., they expect things to grow more rapidly. “We’re continuing to see more and more downloads each day,” Glenzer said. “We aren’t doing a lot of advertising right now – it’s just been trying to see what the feedback has been, making iterations on the app and making the app more engaging.”

There’s a good chance that not everyone who wants to make it through the door will be able to do so if even half of those RSVP’d are present at the same time. Therefore, you might want to show early. When SocialRadar had its new office open house party prior to launch, about 350 people showed up to that and packed the downtown space, which isn’t all that much smaller than 1776. However, since the party was free to sign up for, it’s possible there will me a few no shows.

The event will run from 7:30–10:30, before moving over to the official after party at Tattoo Bar. The after party was scheduled to start at 10:30, but they bumped it up to 9:00 so that if 1776 gets too crowded, people can go there early. The space will be rented out completely and drinks will be $5.

What can you expect for the party?

  • SocialRadar is working with Brightest Young Things to up the hip factor and make it unique.
  • Plenty of music and dancing, of course featuring the king of the dance floor, Michael Chasen.
  • Culturally relevant local foods like Astro Doughnuts and Ted’s Bulletin to keep things social.
  • Lots of surprises including art, cotton candy and … magicians?
  • And of course some SocialRadar freebie swag.

“We’re not only excited to launch SocialRadar, but we think that the sheer interest is just exciting for D.C. tech in general and shows the support and increased interest in getting new companies off the ground,” Glenzer said. “We hope it’s not only a great night for SocialRadar but also for D.C. tech.”

You can keep up with what’s going on before and at the party using #srlaunch on Twitter. See you there.