Obama and Zuckerberg at Facebook

Who didn’t see this one coming? In an effort to remain ahead of the curve, the President has announced the opening of a new technology office site in San Francisco, a clear move to leverage the power of the city’s well-known tech community.

The Obama campaign knows full-well that they’ll have to out-fundraise the Republican nominee (Romney) in the general election, but it’s also clear they understand they’ll have to out-innovate as well. The opening of the San Francisco office is a logical next step for the candidate, who last month launched the ‘Tech For Obama’ (T4O) fundraising initiative with the help of some big names in tech like Sean ParkerReid Hoffman, and Marc Benioff.

Here’s a bit we found on CNET to add some color to this announcement:

“We learned from 2008 that using the talents and skills of our supporters was a key to building the most effective organization,” Obama campaign deputy press secretary Katie Hogan told the Chronicle. “We’re taking the next step by providing tools and space for supporters in the technology community to help the campaign extend our current tools…and mobile applications.”

Oh, and did we mention the President will be spending some decent time in San Francisco starting this afternoon. Not one, not two, but three fundraising events. Here’s a little more on that from KCRA:

“The president will attend a small fundraiser at the Mark Hopkins International Hotel before heading to a private dinner in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights neighborhood.

Both events cost more than $35,000 a ticket.

The president will finish off the night with a reception at the Nob Hill Masonic Center. Tickets to that event started at $100.”

Not cheap. I wonder what kinds of folks can afford that kind of ticket…

This is the beginning, folks. If you thought the Obama and Romney campaign’s integration of Square to fundraise in the field was pretty cool, just think what these great minds can put together with the right kind of financial backing. The campaign certainly has the money I can assure you we ain’t seen nothing yet.

[image via lostremote]