Gangnam Style, the Harlem Shake, gallon smashing, and now, condom snorting. The newest teen trend to go viral involves teens snorting unwrapped condoms (yes, through their nostril) and then pulling them out of their mouths, according to a Huffington Post report. It’s gross, disturbing, lacks entertainment value, and what’s more, it’s not safe. Don’t believe me? Check out some of the condom snorting videos and reactions to the fad below. Fair warning: these videos are not for the faint of heart.

A quick YouTube search of the “Condom Challenge” yields more than 279,000 results, most of which are labeled NSFW and for good reason. 279,000 videos of kids pulling condoms out of their mouths, really? This may just be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.

Doctor Carol Cooper told The Sun that not only is this “shocking and incredibly stupid,” but it’s also dangerous.

“The nose is connected to the back of the mouth – it’s also connected to the airwaves. There’s every possibility something you push up your nose will end up in your windpipe, or in your lungs. With potentially fatal results,” said Cooper.

In many of the YouTube videos you can physically see the pain strained on the faces of those teens taking part in the “condom challenge,” gagging as they attempt to take the condom out of their mouth.

You may be asking yourself why the hell these kids are doing this and honestly, we couldn’t tell you. The fad apparently began back in October, but in recent weeks more and more videos have been flowing in.

Condoms have been the topic of many a headline lately not only because of the viral videos, but also due to Boston College threatening to punish students for distributing the contraceptives on campus almost a month ago. The controversial announcement was one that led many to question tradition, while beckoning others more religiously inclined to defend their values and Catholic commitments.