Image via Brett Weinstein (CC BY-SA 2.0)

Hillary Clinton is still back peddling from that disastrous interview with Diane Sawyer in which she claimed  her family was “dead broke” when Bill Clinton left the White House. Now that the Clintons are charging speaking fees in the triple digits the family’s finances are back on track. But what exactly do these speaking fees cover?

The Las Vegas Review Journal recently obtained Hillary Clinton’s speaking contract for an October appearance she is making at a University of Nevada, Las Vegas Foundation fundraiser, which provides a breakdown of just what Hillary Clinton’s expenses are when she’s hitting the speaking circuit. While the contract was for $225,000, the initial ask from Clinton’s camp topped $300,000.

According to some of these documents, Hillary Clinton’s usual speaking contract includes:

  • A round-trip on a chartered jet, specifically “a Gulfstream 450 or larger,” which fits 16 passengers and runs around $39 million, as well as round-trip business class travel for two members of her advance team.
  • Hotel accommodations which includes “a presidential suite for Secretary Clinton and up to three adjoining or contiguous single rooms for her travel aides and up to two additional single rooms for the advance staff.” This event is being held at the Bellagio, which is likely where Clinton will be staying as well. The smallest rooms at the Bellagio start at around $240 a night.
  • A $500 stipend for Clinton’s chief travel aide to cover daily expenses.
  • The cost of meals, phone calls and other travel expenses for Clinton and her staff.
  • Clinton’s own approval of all other speakers at the event
  • A stenographer, paid for by the event’s host, which usually runs around $1,250.
  • A strict time limit for Clinton’s appearance. She will stay at the event no longer than 90 minutes, and will pose for no more than 50 photos with 100 people.
  • A strict ban on all press coverage, video and audio taping of Clinton’s speech. The UNLV is also forbidden from making any photographs public without written approval from Clinton’s camp.

Fundraiser organizers often see the costs of hiring someone like Hillary Clinton to speak as an investment to ultimately raise even more money due to the draw of having such a big name speak. Already the UNLV has sold $20,000 tables to some big corporate sponsors including Bank of America, MGM Resorts International, PR Partners and the Wells Fargo Foundation.

A coalition of student leaders from the UNLV have sent a letter to the Clinton Foundation, asking that some of the speaking fee Hillary is receiving be in turn donated to the university. Clinton has not responded to the request and the UNLV has maintained that signing on Clinton to speak will be a positive financial investment.