Right now you’re most likely staring outdoors at the white powder glistening on every street corner surrounding your arctic fortress, otherwise known as your home. You can feel the cool winter wind as you press your nose against the window, watching ever so absent-mindedly as the more adventurous Washingtonians venture into the middle of the streets just barely plowed free of snow.

School has been canceled, as you were made well aware of through a series of traditional campus alerts by email and text message. But what if instead of the expected influx of notices, your school were to have a little fun with the way they announced a snow day. That’s exactly what happened at North Carolina’s Durham Academy on Wednesday, when some school officials got a little creative, canceling classes via ‘Ice Ice Baby’ music video.

Yes, you read that correctly. Head of School Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Head of School/Upper School Director Lee Hark surprised students with a rendition of ‘Ice Ice Baby,’ featuring lyrics like: “Very Dangerous wintry weather will continue across central North Carolina today. Travel will remain extremely dangerous. And residents are strongly encouraged to stay home.”

Sort of nerdy, but definitely the coolest way I’ve ever heard of a school cancel classes before. Why don’t universities around here do that? I mean, Maryland, Georgetown, American, Howard, they all declared a snow day for Thursday, but they each went the traditional route and sent rather boring announcements to their student population. For an area known for its innovative ways, it’s time schools step up their cancellation tactics. Or, well, at least offer a more exciting way to spread the word about a snow day.

Really, guys, take a page out of Durham Academy’s book.


h/t PolicyMic