Your wallet is about to get a whole lot more colorful. This week the Federal Reserve announced the details of their new redesign for the $100 American bill, a plan that has been in the works for a decade. The new bill will still have Benjamin Franklin’s mugshot on the front, but will be decked out with brand new security features to prevent against fraud. Starting October 8th, banks will only be given the new $100 note to pass on to the American public. Old notes can still be used and obviously will be widely circulated, although you may want to head to the bank come fall to trade them in to get your hands on these snazzy new security features. Some notable aspects to the new note:

  • A blue security ribbon woven into the paper down the middle of the bill that changes from images of 3D bells to the number “100” when the bill is tilted.
  • The image of a copper inkwell on the bottom corner of the note which contains the image of a bell that changes from copper to green as the bill is tilted, giving the illusion that it is appearing and disappearing.
  • The “100” printed on the bottom corner of the bill shifts from copper to green in the light.
  • Raised printing on the shoulder of Benjamin Franklin’s image which will be obvious when you run your finger across it.
  • A large gold “100” printed vertically along the back of the bill to help the visually impaired.
  • To the right of Franklin’s portrait there will be a large gold quill printed, along with phrases from the Declaration of Independence
  • The overall background color of the new bill design will be blue rather than the traditional green

Pretty cool, although, until they make a bill I can swipe like a credit card, I doubt you’ll be finding these in my wallet.

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