If clowns aren’t your thing, it might be a good idea to steer clear of the National Mall at the end of July. The Koch-backed group Generation Opportunity has just announced that they will be putting together quite the spectacle to try to convince young Americans that they should not be signing up for Obamacare.

Dubbed the “Creepy Carenival,” the July 23rd event promises “to expose Obamacare for the freak show that it really is.” The invite explains, “it’s no secret that Obamacare hasn’t lived up to the hype: All across the country premiums have spiked, millions have lost their insurance and their doctors, and, what’s worse, we’re continually being sold a bundle of lies about how great Obamacare has been for our generation!”

The event will consist of tightrope walkers, aerialists, jugglers, magicians and a “creepy hospital.”

This isn’t the first “creepy” tactic the Virginia-based Generation Opportunity has employed in their fight to dissuade people from signing on to Obamacare. Last year the group fielded criticism for their national television ad, which depicted a clown-like Uncle Sam showing up in between a woman’s legs, while her feet were up in stirrups for a gynecological exam.

The event on the National Mall is just the first stop for the “Creepy Carenivale,” which will hit the road for appearances across the country in October and November.

“It’s a seemingly exciting event where all the games are rigged against young people with a little bit of creepiness,” Evan Feinberg, the president of Generation Opportunity explained to Buzzfeed. “The ultimate goal is to educate and mobilize young Americans to kick the Obamacare disaster out of their towns.”