Last year, we saw a massive growth of Bitcoin globally, with the market cap hitting $326 billion in December. Experts predict 2018 will be another booming year for cryptocurrencies despite a wariness form some private investors of the technology’s growing volatility.

But first, what the heck is Bitcoin and blockchain technology anyway?

Erica Amatori, co-founder of TheBit

D.C. entrepreneur Erica Amatori gets it — it’s tricky to learn and get a handle on. That’s why she built a website to help people build a better understanding of the two.

“All of my friends were asking me how to become an investor or get involved. That’s when I realized there was a barrier,” said Amatori.

Called TheBit, Amatori’s daily email newsletter provides short and simple cryptocurrency news items that she says can be read in less than three minutes.

Chris Hoyle, co-founder of TheBit

The newsletter is set to launch on Jan. 18, and right now, the team is focused mostly on building their subscriber list, conducting a few surveys and building partnerships.

“You are not only learning, but staying updated on your investments,” said Amatori.

Since the website for TheBit launched in December, Amatori said they’ve had hundreds of people sign up for the newsletter. TheBit also has a presence on Facebook and Snapchat.

Amatori has a marketing and communications background, so she decided to recruit her college friend Chris Hoyle, a tech and data professional, to build TheBit’s website. It works out well: Both Hoyle and Amatori have also made a profit from personally investing in cryptocurrencies, and both have decided to reinvest their earnings into building TheBit.

Moving forward, Amatori is looking at newsletter sponsorships and plans to delve into creating visualization tools to help readers who are also cryptocurrency investors. Amatori also wants to launch a blog site and expand it to a more mobile needed platform.