For many people that have come to call the District of Columbia their home, this city will forever hold a special place in their heart.  It turns out that D.C. not only has a strong effect on people who live here, but it looks like it even sways the hearts of others that don’t live here: a Dutch artist by the name of Erik Van Loon is so in love with this city that he’s organizing a massive art undertaking that involves parking 250 cars to spell out the words ‘I [Heart] D.C.’

The artist is looking for 250 volunteers to offer their time and the use of their cars (he’s requesting only black and red vehicles) to spell out the message in a K Street parking lot, which he will then take an aerial photo of in a helicopter. Loon then plans on turning the photo into a 20 by 12 foot banner that will be hung on a massive tower in D.C. that will be visible by incoming traffic on the northbound lanes near the Third Street Tunnel.  Here is the description of the undertaking that he put up on his website:

In november I will make together with you I LOVE DC at a parking lot in Washington DC. I LOVE DC is a photo of 175 red and 75 black cars parked in an I LOVE DC setting and you can help me to make this photo which I will pin at a chimney close to the Capitol in Washington DC.

Loon estimates that the entire project may cost upwards of $22,000, which is why he’s accepting donations via his website or via his Indiegogo/Ideal crowdfunding campaigns.

For anybody interested in helping this artist create this massive profession of his love for the District, Loon claims it will take about three hours of your time to complete and in return you’ll receive a free coffee or tea, a sandwich, and a digital 5MB photo via email for your help. You can find out more about the undertaking on his site here.