It’s almost like a game. Avoid the great Spam Ocean, or you might end up buried with the CD-ROMs in the Great Southern Land. The city of Zuckerberg, Facebook, looks nice this time of the year, but make sure you avoid the neighboring Duckface Peninsula.

The photo above, called the “Map of the Internet 1.0,” was posted on deviantART by a guy who lists his name as “Martin Vargic/Jay Jason Simons.”

Simons says the cartographic exploration “aims for succesful compendation of The Internet to scale suitable for standartized online navigation [sic].” By that he basically means he tried to make a map of the Internet that’s both representative of each major business domain’s size and its proximal relation to similar sites. Down to the most minute detail, the informative and entertaining Internet map is one of the best you’ll ever see, and according to Simons, it’s just the first of many.

Visit the artist’s site for a more detailed view of the map.

In Simons’ Internet 1.0 world, everything is more or less centered around the “Ocean of Information.” Heading west from there, you’ll find the largest mass on the map, Google, representative of being the most-visited site on the Internet. To the north of that is the second most-visited site, Facebook. (This whole western continent is what Simons calls “the new world.”)

Though this map is about the Internet, it’d be unfair to leave out the programmers that power the information superhighway. So to the east of the “Ocean of Information” – bordered by the “Business Ocean” to the north and the “Developer Sea” and “Programmer Ocean” to the south – you find hardware giants like Microsoft, Apple and IBM and other big Internet businesses like Amazon and Netflix (“the old world”).

There’s even the graveyard of the digital world to the south, where Steve Jobs and floppy disks have been laid to rest. Northeast of that is the more lewd side of the Internet that you probably want to avoid.

A Slovakian graphic design student, Simons said he realizes his work is not perfect, but it’s honestly a great attempt. It’s also much better than former attempts that he based his map off of, like this one featured on xkcd. He says he plans to release and update soon, but for now is selling posters of this design.